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 Marquette University Admission Sample Essay about Hobby or Interest

"Seven Wonders" by Christopher John Hallberg

Wedged Clay

Most people think that clay is clay, that mud is mud. Well, as a matter of fact, this is simply not so. Wedged clay is rolled and twisted at a factory to remove air. This clay is much smoother and easier to work with than ordinary clay. It's the best invention since sliced bread for the potter. For myself, working with clay on a potter's wheel is one of the most meaningful uses of my time. When working with a wheel, the clay must remain centered at all times. This centering action takes an infinite amount of concentration. As I transform the clay into a usable bowl or cup, I am reminded of my ability as a human being. That is the ability to create, whether it be something as simple as creating an eating utensil or creating a new interest in a needy child.


Beginning guitar players are often limited to the length of time they can play by soreness of their fingertips. This is caused by the force needed to press an unfriendly steel string against the fret board. Eventually, the body adapts to the steel string by forming calluses on the fingertips of the left hand. These calluses are wonderful for two reasons. The first is the immediate result that the player can now play for extended periods of time. For me, music is a way to relieve stress. With a demanding schedule, it is necessary to relax occasionally. Music helps me remain focused. The second is that music has a way of moving people by speaking to our hearts. It's nearly impossible to hear songs such as Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" and not feel moved. Music provides a universal connection among all people that is undeniable.

The Internet

My father constantly reminds me how lucky I am to be grow-ing up in this time. With the explosion of the Internet so much information has become instantaneously available. My worldview has increased dramatically as a result. Now it is possible to access first-hand accounts of many important events in the world. Global communication has been completely revolutionized. It is now possible to have an electronic pen pal in a third world country. We are all able to benefit from its ability to connect us as a people.


To be able to come home everyday after school in the bitter Wisconsin winters to a warm home is something that I take for granted. Every year as it gets colder I often think about those that do not have a warm place to go at night. It becomes very apparent that it is a blessing to have a heated home. It's nice to know that I can go to sleep at night and not have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night freezing. Furnaces in Wisconsin are wonderful.Dual-density Midsoles A small minority of the running population suffers from a collapsed arch in one or both feet. I happen to be a member of that cursed minority. My legendary days as a track and field star came to an abrupt halt in third grade as I rolled my ankle coming off of a hurdle. I became flat-footed from that day forward and it became extremely painful to run more than a hundred yards at a time. Then I was My legendary days as a track and field star came to an abrupt halt in third grade introduced to running shoes specially designed for people who need arch support. They are equipped with dual-density midsoles. I am now able to run for miles without any foot pain. I consider running so important because it helps give meaning to my life. When I am out pounding the pavement at six in the morning, I know that something special occurs in the repetitious motion of running. It causes me to reflect and gives me joy in knowing that I am accomplishing something even though it is as small as traveling a route that I have traveled many times before. Through reflection I discover what brings joy to my life and where I need to change and grow.


These are such an important part of our everyday lives! Everyone knows that being greeted with a smile is mood altering. Imagine how powerful flexing a few additional facial muscles can be! The best part is that smiles are free and universally accepted. In any language a smile can be felt in the heart.

Star-shaped Stickers

In second grade our teacher, like many others, would place starshaped stickers on the wall next to our names when we accomplished something notable. I feel blessed because as I grow I realize more everyday how thankful I am for the great education and motivation which has been given to me. I often wonder what life will be like after high school. At Marquette High School our spirits are nurtured with many opportunities for growth. I know that as I leave MUHS I can only hope that I will continue to be blessed by a Jesuit education at Marquette University.

Together all of these wonderful items reflect who I am as a whole person. The wonderful items all relate to being a better person for others. The clay, music, and running help me to better understand who I am and how I can help others more. The Internet and furnace help me to see how fortunate I am and how I can work to make others just as blessed. Finally, smiles and star-shaped stickers, how could we live without them?

Christopher John Hallberg attends Marquette University.

Essay Review

A few of his favorite things

For students who want to take an unconventional approach, consider what we call the "list essay." Below is one variation, in which the author takes "seven wonders" and tells why they are meaningful to him. In the first of these, he finds meaning in something that is seemingly mundane, a lump of clay, and thereby shows his unique point of view. There is a danger here; choosing a trite subject, such as hugs or chocolate layer cake. Instead, go with something like calluses or dual-density midsoles and tell a meaningful story about yourself.

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