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Johns Hopkins University Application Essay on Hobby or Interest

Essay by Amanda Lewis

Don't you just hate those days where you find the perfect outfit, but don't have the right pair of shoes to complete the look? For me, deciding what shoes to sport depends upon which facet of my personality I wish to reveal or activity I'm about to partake in. Each day I face a dilemma—do I show the flashy, fun side or the conservative, chic side? When viewed compositely my eclectic shoe collection seems to create a convoluted image; but in reality they each represent an important component of my character. In order to better understand me, you have to simply look through my shoes. For instance, my saddle oxfords are not in the closet because I think they're stylish; no, they're here because they are a mandatory article of my school uniform. However, certain aspects of the shoes reveal much about my identity. As a student at Saint Mary's Hall becomes a senior, they experience the tradition of receiving their blue ties. This blue color represents the leadership and importance of being a senior, and therefore I wear this badge of leadership and connection to historical tradition in the form of my blue shoelaces. Other interesting shoes are my cowboy boots, since, of course, every Texan must own a pair of cowboy boots! These reflect the rugged nature of my personality, one that isn't afraid of ranch work or attending country dances with my friends.This infuses southern flavor and shows yet another dimensional and integral part of my persona.

Extracurricular activities, readily apparent in my volleyball shoes and dance shoes, also play a large part in my character. The scuffed volleyball shoes look worn from seasons of use and reflect my ongoing passion for the sport, which I've played since I was five. My variety of dance shoes reflects the different dances I've done—ballet, jazz, Flamenco, Irish. Ever since beginning to dance in order to entertain my family at the age of three, dancing has become an important and defining trait of my identity, as can be seen by my collection of dance shoes. The final important part of my character is the fun and exciting side that appears during the weekends. My pumps and complicated strap shoes show the vivacious girl who enjoys mingling and socializing. Serving as a stark contrast to the flashy footwear, my clogs depict a person who enjoys comfort. Much of my time is spent in them, testament to my personality—despite having a busy and engaging life in many different ways I always find time to relax and enjoy life! A typical day progresses as I put on the saddle oxfords for school, changing into the dance shoes for dance during the day, prepare for volleyball practice with athletic shoes, and finally returning home to embrace the comfortable confines of my clogs. As you can see I utilize many of these shoes on a daily basis as I partake in different activities and show a variety of aspects of my personality.

Amanda Lewis attends Johns Hopkins University.

Essay Review

the shoes make the essay

It's the simple stuff that makes a great essay. If you run out of ideas, try spinning a few stories out of the shoes in your closet. With each different shoe she describes, author Amanda Lewis reveals a different facet of her personality. On one level, the essay functions as an engaging way of telling about each of her extracurricular activities. But Amanda also demonstrates her ability to make creative analogies, and that she has an eye for detail in her closet and in her life.

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