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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Application Essay,College Application Essay on Humor

Essay by Samantha Levy

Take a moment and look at your hands: their shape, texture, size, and delicacy. These parts of your body are one of the most important creations. They are the scribes of every document; the builders of homes, offices, and shelters; and what comforts many during a frightening experience. But, for me, my hands have yet to display any external similarities to the role they were created to fulfill.

One of the functions our hands are supposed to perform is a firm handshake. It shows character, attention—qualities that represent a good person. My handshake, although firm, embarrassingly reveals the pitiful remnants of my fingernails, outwardly signaling a nervous habit. And, at the end of each day, I must look in the mirror and recognize that I am a nail biter, an occupation I'm certainly ready to retire.

Unfortunately, and trust me I've searched, there are no official support groups for nail biters. All nail biters are left in seclusion to nibble away at what remains of their fingernails and their self-esteem. During these isolated moments, as I bite my nails or cuticles, I think of individuals with aesthetically pleasing nails in fear that they will look down upon me for the way I torture my fingers.

Likewise, I oftentimes find myself observing other people's hands. For instance, when dining at Greensboro's local Chinese buffet, Panda Inn, I continually notice that most of the female employees take great care maintaining their nails: they ensure that they never reach far beyond the fingertips, nor do they paint them a strange color. I've also found that these same qualities are present with the cashiers at the grocery store, and even most of my peers.

It would seem that all I desire is to give up nail biting. However, in my heart, what I'd really like to do is find happiness in the accomplishments my hands achieve rather than focus on their appearance.

For even my hands possess beauty. They have delivered muffins to elderly in the hospital, typed continuously to finish newspaper articles within a deadline, and were very useful in pointing out each syllable while teaching my younger brother to read. Though superficially they are unappealing, my hands have led me to success throughout my life. Undoubtedly, I do wish that I had long, French manicured nails. But hopefully, I will grow to regard such physical features as simply superficial.

I am certain that the university I attend will help me strengthen my education and nurture my character and confidence to the degree that I would no longer perceive myself according to the physical condition of my nails. Instead, I will present myself to the world as Samantha Levy, a young woman who learned among the brightest, explored with the courageous, and took on the world hands first.

Samantha Levy attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Essay Review

Do you bite your nails? want to write about it?

For a topic that literally everybody can write about, all you need to do is look at your hands. That's what Samantha Levy asked readers to do when she wrote the following essay. Samantha bites her nails—a fact that she is not proud of—but nail-biting gave her all the fodder she needed for a terrific essay. Nail-biting? An unconventional topic to say the least, but she pulls it off. The essay shows, among other things, her attention to detail, her ability to confront her insecurities, and her aspirations for the future.

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