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College Application Essay on Politics and Religion

Essay by R. D.

My summer job at Dunkin Donuts has taught me many things. After scooping more than 800 ice creams and making more than 1200 cups of coffee, I've become an expert at serving all our specialties really fast. The commuters running to catch their trains and the little league teams coming in for a treat after a game can count on me and my colleagues to fill their order quickly. But beyond the details of serving customers and maintaining the store, I've realized some very important truths about working people and hard economic realities. Maybe "America Runs on Dunkin" but Dunkin runs on the energy of low-paid, hard working people.

For example, my supervisor Alfredo, an immigrant from Mexico, works 2 shifts at two different Dunkin Donut stores. Although his English is limited, he showed great patience when training me and demonstrated tolerance and understanding whenever I made a mistake. Alfredo treats me with kindness and respect even though he is aware that my life is more comfortable and carefree than his. Alfredo tells me he works so hard to take care of his young daughter, and in the short time that I've known him, I have gained so much respect for his work ethic and his values. Many people fail to appreciate the hard work and effort that people like Alfredo exhibit for such inadequate pay.

My co-worker and new friend, Jackie, works 80 hours a week to support her 16 month old daughter. Jackie's only 20 years old, and has many expenses including rent, car payments, and a babysitter. Jackie counts on her overtime salary to make ends meet. I really admire Jackie because she's under so much pressure at home, and at work; yet she demonstrates optimism and keeps moving forward. I feel a little sheepish when I ask Jackie to let me leave work early to study for exams, because my stress seems so minor compared to all of her daily pressures. This experience has made me realize how lucky I am to be prioritizing my academic record because I am fortunate enough to be planning to attend college.

Right next door to Dunkin Donuts is a family owned bagel store, "Bagel Emporium." Every once in a while, the two owners come into our store and put a soccer game on our big screen TV. They are friendly to all of us even though, clearly, the Dunkin Donuts has taken away a lot of their business. This makes me understand why so many communities fight big name stores like WalMart because locally run business can't really compete with these giants. I've gained a total respect for working people and now I will always leave big tips wherever I can. I will also shop at a local establishments rather than a chain, despite the fact that I work for one now.

I hope that by studying business in college I can learn more about business and its social responsibility. I understand that capitalism provides a wonderful opportunity for businesses, yet I now have more questions about the injustices that can occur in the pursuit of profits. I vehemently believe that the lessons I've learned this summer have influenced my character and values, and will help me develop a better sense of business ethics as I pursue my career.

R. D. attends Bryant University.

Essay Review

life lessions at dunkin donuts

Most applicants to selective colleges grow up in affluent households, and among those who do, it is refreshing to see an applicant who appreciates the other side of life. The author shows himself to be a keen observer of his working class colleagues at Dunkin Donuts. He empathizes with them, learns lessons from them, and connects those lessons to his plans for the future. Most telling, the author connects his observations of these workers to his views on capitalism and social responsibility. This evidence of his open-mindedness is more powerful than a slew of testimonials from teacher-recommenders. "The best advice I can give is to take your time when choosing a topic, and make sure it's important to you in your heart," says the author.

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