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CliffsTestPrep SAT I/PSAT Pdf

Your SAT I: Reasoning Test or PSAT Score

Can Make the Difference!

And because of this fact, you can't afford to take a chance. Prepare with the best!

Because better scores result from thorough preparation, your study time must be used most effectively. CliffsTestPrep SAT I/PSAT has been designed by leading experts in the field of test preparation to be the most comprehensive guide that you can realistically complete in a reasonable time. In keeping with the fine tradition of Cliffs Notes, this guide is written for the student. It is direct, precise, compact, easy to use, and thorough. The testing strategies, techniques, and materials have been researched, tested, and evaluated and are presently used in SAT I test preparation programs at many leading colleges and universities. This book emphasizes the Bobrow Test Preparation Services approach, developed over the past 27 years with thousands of students in preparation programs. The Bobrow approach focuses on the six major areas that should be considered when preparing for the SAT I:

1. Ability Tested

2. Basic Skills Necessary

3. Understanding Directions

4. Analysis of Directions

5. Suggested Approaches with Samples

6. Practice-Review-Analyze-Practice

This guide combines introductory analysis sections for each exam area with lots of practice —four full-length practice tests (three SAT and one PSAT). These practice tests have complete answers, in-depth explanations, analysis charts, and score range approximators to give you a thorough understanding of the SAT I and PSAT.

CliffsTestPrep SAT I/PSAT was written to give you the edge in doing your best by giving you maximum benefit in a reasonable amount of time and is meant to augment, not substitute for, formal or informal learning throughout junior high and high school.

Don't take a chance. Be prepared! Follow the Study Guide Checklist in this book and study regularly. You'll get the best test preparation possible.

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