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 MCGraw-Hill's SAT Subject Test Chemistry

Second Edition


What Is the Format of the SAT Chemistry Test?

The SAT Chemistry test is a one-hour exam consisting of 85 multiple-choice questions. According to the College Board, the test measures the following knowledge and skills:

• Familiarity with major chemistry concepts and ability to use those concepts to solve problems

• Ability to understand and interpret data from observation and experiments and to draw conclusions based on experiment results

• Knowledge of laboratory procedures and of metric units of measure

• Ability to use simple algebra to solve word problems

• Ability to solve problems involving ratio and direct and inverse proportions, exponents, and scientific notation

The test covers a variety of chemistry topics. The following chart shows the general test subject areas, as well as the approximate portion of the test devoted to each subject.

Subject Area Approximate Percentage of Exam

1.  Structure of Matter 25%

2.  States of Matter 15%

3. Reaction Types 14%

4. Stoichiometry 12%

5.  Equilibrium and Reaction Rates 7%

6. Thermodynamics 6%

7. Descriptive Chemistry 13%

8. Laboratory 8%

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