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McGraw Hill's SAT Subject Test United_States History with 6 practice tests pdf download

What is the Format of the SAT U.S. History Test?

The SAT U.S. History test is a one-hour examination consisting of 90 to 95 multiple-choice questions. The questions deal with historical events, developments, trends, and concepts, as well as with social science concepts and methods as they are used in the study of history. According to the College Board, the test measures the following knowledge and skills:

Familiarity with historical concepts, cause-and-effect relationships, geography, and other data necessary for understanding major historical developments

Grasp of concepts essential to historical analysis

Ability to use historical knowledge in interpreting data in maps, graphs, charts, and cartoons

The test covers U.S. history from pre-Columbian times to the present. It covers not just political history and foreign policy but also economic, social, intellectual, and cultural history. The following chart shows the general test subject areas, as well as the approximate portion of the test devoted to each subject.

SAT U.S. History Questions by Subject Area

Subject Area Approximate Percentage of Exam

Political History 32–36%

Economic History 18–20%

Social History 18–22%

Intellectual and Cultural History 10–12%

Foreign Policy 13–17%

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