New SAT Grammar Rule: Subject-Verb Agreement

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New SAT Grammar Rule: Subject-Verb Agreement

The name may be long, but it’s also perfect: “Subject-Verb Agreement (Singular-Plural)” - which I will often abbreviate as “Subject-Verb Agreement” for the rest of this book. This rule is about agreement between an essential pair of words that every sentence needs: a subject and a main verb.

Every single sentence in English contains a subject and a main verb, so you can imagine why this rule is so important.

What do the Subject and Main Verb have to “agree” on? That’s whether they are singular or plural - “one” or “many”. The subject and main verb must both agree upon this.

A singular subject needs a singular verb. Plural subject, plural verb. It’s a very basic concept that can be dressed up in all sorts of creative and challenging ways.

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