New SAT Grammar Rule: Pronoun Case

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New SAT Grammar Rule: Pronoun Case

"Pronoun Case" is the topic that covers the common question of whether we should say "my brother and I go to the park" or "My brother and me go to the park" - and many other situations as well.

There are two ways to deal with this common error on the SAT & ACT, and in real life as well:

Method #1: Test each noun by itself and trust your ear (about 90% effective) or

Method #2: Think about it the "grammar teacher" way (this is harder to learn, but more powerful – and allows you to achieve 100% accuracy and certainty)

I'll explain both ways, and you can pick the one you prefer. I myself use a blend of both – I trust my trained ear nine times out of ten, but when I'm uncertain, I take a "grammar teacher" approach to support my decision.

Approach #1: Try Each Noun By Itself & Trust Your Ear

This first style of solving Pronoun Case issues focuses on four steps:

1. Noticing the presence of pronouns in the sentence,

2. Trimming the sentence down to its basics,

3. Occasionally rearranging word order without changing sentence meaning, and

4. Trusting your "inner ear" to determine the right pronoun to use (he/him? They/them? etc.)

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