New SAT Grammar Rule: Vocab Word Choice

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New SAT Grammar Rule: Vocab Word Choice

Congratulations! You've made it through the majority of the "hardcore grammar rules" contained in this book. This is perhaps the first lesson that's not really about grammar in the literal sense. This new topic - VocabWord Choice - revolves around vocabulary: choices of similar words with different tones or connotations.

Usually these questions look relatively short and sweet.- you're just given four choices of individual words. For example, from the Pretest:

The small house built in the field used the average building materials that were available in the region: wood, stone, brick, and glass.


(B) arbitrary

(C) stereotypical

(D) characteristic

Notice that all four words have something in common: they are a loosely-clustered group of similar words that can overlap in meaning in certain contexts and usages. However, they all have subtle differences in meaning and tone that can make a crucial difference when deciding which word to use for the job.

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