New SAT Grammar Rule: Redundancy & Wordiness

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New SAT Grammar Rule: Redundancy & Wordiness

We're on to another of my favorite topics: Redundancy &Wordiness! I like this topic because students usually aren't aware of its existence, but once they learn to recognize it, this can be a fun and easy source of points on the SAT & ACT Grammar sections. Once you've learned to look for these type of questions, they aren't hard to find. You'll wonder how you ever used to miss them!

"Redundancy" means "the use of words that could be removed without loss of meaning; unnecessary repetition." That's exactly what we're looking for in this lesson: the unnecessary repetition of information that could be removed without harming the clarity or meaning of the sentence.

When a word is unnecessarily defined, repeated or rephrased into a nearly-identical synonym within the same sentence, there is a strong chance that the question is focused onWordiness and Redundancy.

For example, if a sentence includes the word "contemporary," it should not also include the phrase "these days" in that sentence - because "contemporary" and "these days" both mean exactly the same thing.

Redundant and BAD: "Contemporary movies produced these days often use an excessive amount of computerized special effects. "

Notice the redundancy of pairing "contemporary" with "these days" in the same sentence - they have identical meanings.

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