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New SAT Grammar Rule: Objective

An Objective Question is my personal name for a very particular and interesting type of question we will see on both the SAT & ACT tests. These types of questions are instantly recognizable once you learn to identify them, yet each Objective Question also has the potential to be completely unique.

Consider the majority of questions you face on the SAT & ACT Grammar sections, and you may notice something interesting: most grammar questions do not actually give you any instructions.

Instead, most grammar questions simply present you with an underlined portion of a sentence - with no instructions - then give you four answer choices to correct any possible grammar mistakes in the underlined portion. Notice that no instructions are provided (and none are necessary) because if you recognize and understand the appropriate rule(s) of grammar that the question is testing, that will be enough information for you to arrive at a correct conclusion.

In contrast, Objective Questions require a set of instructions in order to be answered correctly. These are questions that, without sufficiently clear directions, could not have a definitive "right answer."

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