New SAT Grammar Rule: Adding or Removing Information

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New SAT Grammar Rule: Adding or Removing Information

What are Adding or Removing Information Questions?

"Adding or Removing Information" questions are a commonly-seen subcategory of Objective Questions (see Lesson 14) that follow a particular and recognizable format. The general idea behind these questions is that the writer is trying to decide if a particular sentence (or shorter phrase) should be added or deleted from the passage. The answer choices will always present two "Keep" options and two "Remove" options, and each of the four choices will provide specific reasons and justifications to either keep or delete the sentence from the passage.

These questions are easy to identify, and with a little patience can be an easy source of points without needing to master any of the more technical rules of Grammar. Adding or Removing Information questions are intermediate in difficulty: the concept is easy to understand and recognize, but the finer details of each problem take some time and patience, or you'll miss key details and get more questions wrong than you should.

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