New SAT Grammar Rule: Moving Sentences & Paragraphs

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New SAT Grammar Rule: Moving Sentences & Paragraphs

What are "Moving Sentences & Paragraphs" Questions?

Now we move on to the third and final subcategory of Objective Questions (introduced in Lesson 14).

These new types of questions are calledMoving Sentences & Paragraphs. They ask you to consider moving a particular sentence (or paragraph) to a different spot in the passage. Although the concept is easy to explain and identify, these remain some of my least-favorite questions to do as a test-taker.Why? Even in the best of circumstances, they are time- consuming and include a lot of information to consider - there is NO "quick and easy" way to confidently and consistently answer these questions correctly.

In other words, compared to most other types of grammar questions, these take far longer to answer correctly. Still, there's no use burying our heads in the sand. Let's take a careful look at Moving Sentences and Paragraphs.

How to Recognize Moving Sentences & Paragraphs

"Moving Sentences and Paragraphs" have a very distinctive format for both the questions and their answer choices.

Here's some good news: the style of these questions for both the SAT and ACT tests is virtually identical. If you can recognize them on one test, it's quite simple to find them on the other test as well.

Remember, these questions are all about moving an existing sentence or paragraph elsewhere. Or, you may be adding a new sentence, but selecting where should it go in the passage.

The questions are quite distinctive - and we'll take a look at them in a second - but their most instantly-recognizable feature is their answer choices.

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