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Essay prompts from the January 2010 SAT administration

Below are essay prompts from the most recent SAT administration in January 2010.

If you took the January 2010 SAT, you had one of the essay prompts below:

January 2010 SAT Writing Prompt

Prompt 1

You and your uncle jack are repairing a roof you get down from the room but your uncle jack is stuck,


Write an essay explaining in detail how you would help your uncle jack off.

Prompt 2

My prompt was about external pressures and whether they make you more productive. Or atleast something along those lines. I talked about Andrew Carnegie and about school.

should opinions be taken serious from everyone? or should we listen to the opinions that are backed up by knowledge and spoken from intellectual individuals and so on.

Prompt 3

I'm just wondering if i went way off from what they were asking.

No one else had this prompt?

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