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1. David was surprised to learn that frogs were primarily carnivorous, he had assumed that they mostly ate plants and vegetables.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. carnivorous, he had assumed,
  • C. carnivorous (he had assumed
  • D. carnivorous; he had assumed

2. A synthesizer - an entirely electronic musical instrument: can usually be categorized into either an "East Coast" or a "West Coast" design philosophy.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. instrument, can
  • C. instrument - can
  • D. instrument; can

3. There are a wide variety of modern dance forms and styles to enjoy. That's one reason my hometown has many different dance studios.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. enjoy that's
  • C. enjoy, that's
  • D. enjoy (that's

4. A professional long-distance runners life revolves around his or her workout schedule, sleep routine, and dietary needs.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. runner
  • C. runner's
  • D. runners'

5. Though the words "vintage" and "classic" are often applied interchangeably, there is a subtle difference: "vintage" has a primary reference to age, while "classic" can add an additional connotation of elegance.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. difference, "vintage"
  • C. difference ("vintage"
  • D. difference, so "vintage"

6. Musicians should carefully craft a strategy for their online streaming - the ability for their music to be heard instantly via the internet through a computer or mobile device) to achieve maximum popularity.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. streaming (the ability
  • C. streaming. The ability
  • D. streaming; the ability

7. Alvin is struggling in math class this year; and there are many topics in Precalculus that he finds both challenging and frustrating.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. this year (there are
  • C. this year, there are
  • D. this year; there are

8. Surfing (riding the waves on a wooden or plastic board) gained much of its' popularity in the 1950s and 60s in Hawaii, California, and Australia.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. much of its popularity
  • C. much of it's popularity
  • D. much of their popularity

9. The art exhibit's brochure read like a "who's who" of famous Italian artists;Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci…

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. artists,Michelangelo
  • C. artists:Michelangelo
  • D. artists (Michelangelo

10. Anyone who has had siblings - younger or older, brother or sister) will know that they are, at various times, a source of both great joy and great frustration.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. a sibling. Younger
  • C. a sibling, younger
  • D. a sibling (younger

11. When working at the kennel, Samantha was often astonished at the sheer variety of the dogs' collars, including spiked ones, simple ones, and colorful ones.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. the dogs' collar
  • C. the dog's collars
  • D. the dogs collars

12. Brian Eno is the foremost composer of ambient music (a genre based in slow, evolving soundscapes that can be either ignored in the background or attended to carefully, as the listener may determine for himself or herself.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. ambient music; a genre
  • C. ambient music - a genre
  • D. ambient music. A genre