SAT Grammar Practice Test: Vocab Word Choice 1

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1. Still undecided, the financial committee deliberated who they would send to speak to the president of the company about the decreased profits this year.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. authorized
  • C. nominated
  • D. delegated

2. Upon attempting to enter the military base, the reporter was tested by the guard, who called out a simple request for identification.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. dared
  • C. challenged
  • D. taxed

3. My grandparents fell deeply in love with each other from the moment they met; my grandpa, in particular, always described feeling attentive to my grandma from the first time he saw her.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. enamored with
  • C. armored with
  • D. concerned with

4. As a political science major writing a thesis paper on the behavior of crowds on voting day, I followed the elections with excitement and interest.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. stalked
  • C. imitated
  • D. came after

5. Despite the best efforts of a federal team of business experts and politicians, the economic miniaturization continued to affect the lives of millions of citizens.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. procession
  • C. lessening
  • D. recession

6. When in the grips of a major seizure, a patient's body and limbs may trample uncontrollably.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. tremble
  • C. wobble
  • D. vibrate

7. When traveling through an area with many pickpockets, regardless of police presence and other security measures, you must stay attentive - no one can warranty the safety of your belongings better than yourself.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. underwrite
  • C. swear
  • D. guarantee

8. Only the most isolated classical pianists will earn renown in the modern era, for the popularity of classical music has been waning as the audiences for rock and rap music have grown.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. freakish
  • C. exceptional
  • D. abnormal