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Time 8 minutes

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1. India - a diverse country containing a mix of cultures and customs within its borders - is famous in its warm hospitality, its spicy rice dishes, and its embrace of many different spiritualities.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. famous to
  • C. famous for
  • D. famous on

2. James decide to become a mechanic, for he had always been curious on the inner workings of machinery and engines.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. curious for
  • C. curious into
  • D. curious about

3. Though most domesticated dogs are not capable of caring for themselves for extended periods of time, in some cities there are packs of roaming feral dogs who are able to scavenge and survive on their own without any human support whatsoever.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. capable to
  • C. capable in
  • D. capable with

4. Galileo Galilei was a profound thinker, influential in many fields, but particularly known for his theories and research in astronomy, and for his rebellion from religious authority through his insightful assertion that the Earth revolved around the Sun.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. rebellion against
  • C. rebellion under
  • D. rebellion from

5. Although visiting relatives in another city can be fun, you must be careful not to impose on their hospitality for too long, lest you become a burden.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. impose to
  • C. impose for
  • D. impose around

6. "Asymmetrical warfare" is another name for guerrilla-style tactics, when a smaller force must engage a much larger force to battle.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. force for
  • C. force in
  • D. force with

7. Before a recording artist enters through a contract with a record label, he or she should have the deal examined by at least one independent lawyer with expertise in the fields of entertainment and contract law.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. enters by
  • C. enters towards
  • D. enters into

8. Austin, Texas is regarded in some residents and music journalists as "the Live Music Capital of theWorld," although one must admit that there are many other cities that could contend for the honor.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. regarded by
  • C. regarded between
  • D. regarded upon

9. In keeping with the era of its design, the old hotel maintains a complete set of antique furnishings, and all the art on its walls are original works.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. As keeping to
  • C. By keeping with
  • D. In keeping to

10. Leonardo da Vinci is celebrated for one of humanity's foremost geniuses: his creative insights into painting, anatomy, and mechanical design can stun a contemporary audience even five centuries after his death.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. celebrated within
  • C. celebrated as
  • D. celebrated upon