SAT Grammar Practice Test: Adjectives & Adverbs

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Time 8 minutes

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1. A well-trained team must practice regular and diligently, so that the members trust one another.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. regular and diligent
  • C. regularly and diligent
  • D. regularly and diligently

2. After training for many years in the company of other well- disciplined soldiers, a sniper shoots more accuratelythan other marksmen.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. shoots more accurate
  • C. can shoot more accurate
  • D. shoots accurately more

3. Though you may have training as a radiological technician, you can still make a career change easy to an executive role.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. make a career change easier
  • C. make easy a career change
  • D. easily make a career change

4. You must run quickly to get first or second place in the highly competitive Olympic sprints.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. must run quick
  • C. must run pretty quick
  • D. might run quickly

5. Kei Tari was a Japanese comedian and musician who melded seamless jazz and humor.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. who seamlessly melded jazz and humor
  • C. who was known for his melding of seamless jazz and humor
  • D. who, with jazz and humor, seamlessly melded the two

6. Annual "Clean Your Computer Day" is a keen- awaited holiday for programmers around the world.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. is keenly awaited by
  • C. is keenly awaiting for
  • D. is awaited with keenness by

7. Surprisingly, my anthropology professor says she can speak easier to a large crowd of people than to a small group of experts in her field.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. can easily speak
  • C. can speak more easy
  • D. can speak more easily

8. The "Feaster Five" road race is known for ending dramatically.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. ending dramatic.
  • C. being dramatic and for ending.
  • D. its having a dramatic ending.

9. Sir Erec is an Arthurian Knight of the Round Table, and as such, he is required to fight valiant.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. he is valiantly required to fight.
  • C. he is required to fight valiantly.
  • D. requirements are that he must valiantly fight.

10. The champion lost all of our respect when she snatched the microphone and gave a haughty victory speech.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. gave a haughtily
  • C. gives a haughty
  • D. sounding haughtily, gave a