SAT Grammar Practice Test: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement 1

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Question 11 questions

Time 9 minutes

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1. No one, including the professors, were ready for the probing questions asked by the members of the peer-reviewed scientific journal.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. was ready for
  • C. are ready for
  • D. was ready for the answering of

2. The company is about to run out of funding for research, so they are going to turn to investors in hopes of securing a loan.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. they will turn
  • C. it is going
  • D. they have gone

3. One style of teacher prefers to lecture, rather than interact with students; they can often be found at the front of the classroom.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. find them
  • C. it can often be found
  • D. such an instructor can often be found

4. Someone can be both brilliant in one field and far below average in many others; they are called "savants."

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. they can be called "savants."
  • C. the term for these is "savants."
  • D. he or she can be called a "savant."

5. Everyone I know, including all my friends and relatives, are going to be celebrating the holidays with good cheer.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. relatives, is going
  • C. my relatives, are going
  • D. relatives is going

6. As it ran from the poachers, the pack of wolves raced across the barren tundra.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. they ran
  • C. they run
  • D. it will run

7. My young nephew reports that he knows some well-educated people who think he or she deserves a scholarship or grant.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. it deserves
  • C. one deserves
  • D. they deserve

8. Until it can be exchanged for a more durable and inexpensive material, these alloys will continue to be used in bridge-building.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. Until it is
  • C. Until they can be
  • D. Once they can be

9. Carlos predicted that anyone who attends the Bach and Mozart performances are open-minded about the idea of listening to classical music.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. performances is
  • C. performance are
  • D. performances were

10. Only the gifted few with unique talents are likely to be remembered favorably by history in two hundred years.

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. talent is
  • C. talents is
  • D. talent was

11. "Is," he asked with curiosity, "both of your sisters attending the dance?"

  • A. [NO CHANGE]
  • B. Are, he asked
  • C. Was, he asked
  • D. Will, he asked