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If the equation that represents the graph shown above is written in standard form, Ax + By = C, and A = 6, what is the value of B?

2. If what is the minimum possible value of d?


For the piecewise-defined function g(x) shown above, what is the value of g(2)?


A toy saber is stuck at a right angle into the ground 4 inches deep. It casts a shadow that is 4 feet long. The brick wall casts a shadow three times that long. If the wall is 7 feet 6 inches tall, how many inches long is the toy saber?

5. What is one possible solution to the rational equation


If line m shown above is reflected over the x-axis, what is the slope of the new line?


If k lies within the solution set of the inequality shown above, what is the maximum possible value of k?


If an exponential function of the form h(x) = a(b)x is used to model the data shown in the graph above, what is the value of b?

9. What is the value of the complex number

10. In medicine, when a drug is administered in pill form, it takes time for the concentration in the bloodstream to build up, particularly for pain medications. Suppose for a certain pain medication, the function is used to model the concentration, where t is the time in hours after the patient takes the pill. For this particular medication, the concentration reaches a maximum level of 0.375 about two hours after it is administered and then begins to decrease. If the patient isn't allowed to eat or drink until the concentration drops back down to 0.3, how many hours after taking the pill must the patient wait before eating or drinking?