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1. k(10x – 5) = 2(3 + x) – 7 If the equation above has infinitely many solutions and k is a constant, what is the value of k?

2. A right triangle has leg lengths of 18 and 24 and a hypotenuse of 15n. What is the value of n?

3. If the expression above is combined into a single power of x with a positive exponent, what is that exponent?

4. If the product of is written as a complex number in the form a + bi, what is the value of a? (Note: )


If the equation of the parabola shown in the graph is written in standard quadratic form, y = ax2 + bx + c, and a = -1, then what is the value of b?

6. If , what is the value of 9x + 10y?

7. How many degrees does the minute hand of an analogue clock rotate from 3:20 PM to 3:45 PM?


Triangle ABC shown above is an equilateral triangle cut by two parallel lines. If the ratio of BF to FC is 3:4 and EB = 3, what is the length of DE?


What is the exponent on x when the expression above is written in simplest form?

10. An exponential function is given in the form f(x) = a • b x. If f(0) = 3 and f(1) = 15, what is the value of f(–2)?