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1. In a writer's workshop, there are half as many men as women. If there are 24 total men and women in the writer's workshop, how many men are there?

2. If Images what is the value of b?

3. The square of a positive number is 0.24 greater than the number itself. What is the number?

4. The function f is a quadratic function with zeros at x = 1 and x = 5. The graph of y = f(x) in the xy-plane is a parabola with a vertex at (3, -2). What is the y-intercept of this graph?

5. When graphed in the xy-plane, the line y = mx - 4 intersects the x-axis at an angle of θ. If m > 0, 0° < θ < 90°, and Images, what is the value of m?

6. At a restaurant, each large order of fries has 350 more calories than one large soda. If 2 large orders of fries and 3 large sodas have a total of 1,500 calories, how many calories does one large order of fries have?

7. If a Images and Images, what is the value of b?

8. Images

If x > 0, what is the solution to the equation above?

9. Images

Note: Figure not drawn to scale.

x ≥ 0

y ≥ 0

3x + yk

In the figure above, the shaded region represents the solution set for the system of inequalities shown. If the area of this shaded region is 24 square units, what is the value of k?

10. Images

In the figure above, a circle is inscribed in a square that is inscribed in a larger circle. If the area of the larger circle is 16.5 square units, what is the area of the smaller circle?