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1. For what value of x is the equation above true?

2. A new color copier purchased for $8,500 is expected to depreciate (lose value) accordingto the equation y = –1,250x + 8,500, where y is the value of the copier x years after it was purchased. The company that bought the copier plans to sell itwhen the value is $1,000 and upgrade to a new one. How many years after the copieris purchased will the company sell it?


In the equation above, what is the value of h?

4. If, what is the value of 8j – 3k?

5. If the equation above has infinitely many solutions, what is the value of ab?

6. An office has 27 employees. If there are seven more women than men in the office,how many employees are men?

7. A street vendor sells two types of newspapers, one for $0.25 and the other for $0.40.If she sold 100 newspapers for $28.00, how many newspapers did she sell at $0.25?

8. If the ordered pair (x, y) satisfies the system of equations shown above, what is the value of xy?