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1. Eli left his home in New York and traveled to Brazil on business. Before he left,he used his credit card to purchase these pewter vases:

For daily purchases totaling less than 200 U.S. dollars, Eli's credit card companycharges a 2% fee. If the total charge on his credit card for the vases was $126.48,what was the foreign exchange rate in Brazilian reais (R$) per U.S. dollar on theday that Eli bought the vases? If necessary, round your answer to the nearest hundredth.


There are more than 250 known species of monkeys in the world. The scatterplot aboveshows the average height and weight of 12 species of particularly small monkeys, mostof which live in the Amazon Basin of South America. What is the height, in inches,of the monkey represented by the data point that is farthest from the line of bestfit (not shown)?

3. Sea ice extent is a measurement of the area of ocean with at least 15% sea ice. Thegraph below shows data for the extent of Arctic sea ice between 2000 and 2012 as reportedby the National Snow and Ice Data Center. The line of best fit is also shown. Theequation of the line is A(t) = -0.187t + 380.5, where A(t) represents the area of measurable sea ice in the Arctic Ocean in the year t.

Assuming the trend of the data continues, what is the predicted area, in millionsof square kilometers, of measurable Arctic sea ice in the year 2020?

4. A medical practice surveyed a random sample of 80 patients to determine whether theirfacility should open earlier in the morning or close later in the evening. Of the80 patients surveyed, 37.5% preferred that the facility open earlier. Based on thisinformation, about how many of the practice's 600 patients would be expected to preferthat the facility open earlier in the morning?


The bar graph above shows the results of a grammar quiz in a language arts class.What is the difference between the mean and median of the quiz scores? Round youranswer to the nearest hundredth.

1+ stops$332.20$376.70n/a$363.19$395.59$386.20$392.45$493.99

6. The table above is a summary of prices for round-trip airplane tickets offered byeight airlines between New York City and San Francisco. What fraction of the nonstopflights are under $400?

7. If x = 5 and, what is the value of m?

8. Ifand, what is the value of y?