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1. Given an account with interest compounded annually, the formulacan be used to calculate the total amount of money, A, in the account after t years, where P is the principal (the amount originally invested) and r is the interest rate (expressed as a decimal). Suppose Valeera invests $5,000 ina savings account that pays 2% interest compounded annually. How much interest willValeera earn in four years? Express your answer to the nearest whole dollar.


Suppose an open cylindrical tank has a round drain with radius r in the bottom of the tank. When the tank is filled with water to a depth of h centimeters, the time it takes for all the water to drain from the tank is givenby the formula above, where R is the radius of the tank (in centimeters) and g = 980 cm/s2 is the acceleration due to gravity. Suppose such a tank has a radius of 2 metersand is filled to a depth of 4 meters. About how many minutes does it take to emptythe tank if the drain has a radius of 5 centimeters? (1 meter = 100 centimeters)

3. What is one possible solution to the rational equation?

4. Whenis divided by 2 – x, what is the remainder?

5. If f (x) = |x2 + 2x + 1|, what is the value of f(–4)?

6. A function g satisfies g(5) = 3 and g(3) = 0, and a function h h(3) = –2 and h(0) = 5. What is the value of h(g(3))?


An exponential function g(x) is shown in the figure above. What is the exact value of g(–4)?

8. If x2 + 10x = 24 and x >0, what is the value of x + 5?