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Time 13 minutes

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1. If –7 is one solution of the equation y2 + cy – 35 = 0, what is the value of c?

2. If x = –4 when x2 + 2xr + r2 = 0, what is the value of r?

3. What is the sum of the roots of the quadratic equation given above?


If the expression above is rewritten in the form, where a and b are real numbers, what is the value of -b written as a fraction? (Note: i2 = -1)

5. Two complex numbers, A and B, are defined as A = (3 – 4i) and B = (9 + ki), where k is a constant. If AB – 15 = 60, what is the value of k? (Note: i2 = -1)

6. What is the area, in square units, of an isosceles right triangle with a hypotenuseof 2?


In the figure above, ΔABC is a right triangle. What is the value of x?


In triangle JKL above, JK = KL and JL = 26. The ratio of MN to MP is 8:5. What is the length of segment JM?


A scientist looking at a sample of infected tissue through a microscope wants to findthe length x, in microns, across a damaged blood cell, as represented in the sketch above. Thelengths represented by AB, EB, BD, and CD were determined to be 26 microns, 22 microns, 11 microns, and 12 microns, respectively.Given that the measure of ∠AEB is equal to the measure of ∠CDB, what is the value of x?