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1. h(t) = at2

As a space probe descends to the surface of Mars, its distance in meters above the surface can be modeled by the equation above. If t is the time in seconds it will take the probe to reach the surface, and it takes the probe 8 seconds to descend the final 120 meters to the surface, what is the value of the deceleration constant a?

2. 3h - j = 7
2h + 3j = 1

Based on the system of equations above, what is the value of h ?

3. A rectangular box has a volume of 24. If the length is halved and the height is tripled, what will be the new volume of the box?

4. If 6e(e + 3) = 3e(2e + 4) + 5, what is the value of e ?

5. Abeena is making punch for a winter party in a punch bowl that can hold at most 9 quarts. She wants to get as much vitamin C in her punch as possible, so she is using only orange juice and grape juice. She has 6 quarts of orange juice, which has 2 grams of vitamin C per quart, and 7 quarts of grape juice, which has 1 gram of vitamin C per quart. If there are 4 cups in a quart, what is the greatest possible amount of vitamin C, in grams, that Abeena can have in one cup of her punch?