SAT Math Grid-Ins Practice Test 1

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Question 10 questions

Time 12 minutes

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1. Lauren took four exams. Her scores on the first three are 89, 85, and 90. If her average (arithmetic mean) on all four exams is 90, what did she get on the fourth exam?

2. In a school survey, 40% of all students chose history as their favorite subject; 25% chose English; and 14 chose some other subject as their favorite. How many students were surveyed?

3. Find the value of x that satisfies .

4. For all numbers p and q, where p

5. The ratio of a rectangle's width to its length is 2:5. If its perimeter is 84 feet, find its width, in feet.

6. Renting a private party room in a restaurant can be modeled as a linear function. If the cost of a party of 8 is $270, and the cost of a party of 10 is $320, find the cost, in dollars, of a party of 18.

7. Darren receives $9 an hour for his afterschool job, but gets paid 11/2 times this salary for each hour he works on a weekend. If he worked 18 hours one week and received $189, how many of these hours did he work on weekends?

8. If p > 0, and the distance between the points (4, -1) and (-2, p) is 10, find p.

9. If a - b = 8 and ab = 10, then a2 + b2 =


The pyramid above has a square base of length 10 cm and a height of 12 cm. Determine the total surface area of all five faces, in square centimeters.