SAT Math Grid-Ins Practice Test 10

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Question 10 questions

Time 12 minutes

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1. If = 6, what is the value of x ?

2. When n is divided by 5, the remainder is 4. When n is divided by 4, the remainder is 3. If 0 < n < 100, what is one possible value of n ?


If l1 is parallel to l2 in the figure above, what is the value of y ?

4. If x2 = 16 and y2 = 4, what is the greatest possible value of (x – y)2 ?

5. There are 250 students in 10th grade at Northgate High School. All 10th graders must take French or Spanish, but not both. If the ratio of males to females in 10th grade is 2 to 3, and 80 of the 100 French students are male, how many female students take Spanish?


On the number line above, j, k, l, m, and n are coordinates of the indicated points. What is the value of ?

7. Hanna is arranging tools in a toolbox. She has one hammer, one wrench, one screwdriver, one tape measure, and one staple gun to place in 5 empty spots in her toolbox. If all of the tools will be placed in a spot, one tool in each spot, and the hammer and screwdriver fit only in the first 2 spots, how many different ways can she arrange the tools in the spots?


In the figure above, AB is the arc of the circle with center O. Point A lies on the graph of y = x2b, where b is a constant. If the area of shaded region AOB is π, then what is the value of b ?

9. is perpendicular to and and bisect each other at point X. If AB = 8 and CD = 10, what is the length of ?

10. A researcher found that the amount of sleep that she allowed her mice to get was inversely proportional to the number of errors the mice made, on average, in a maze test. If mice that got 2 hours of sleep made 3 errors in the maze test, how many errors, on average, do mice with 5 hours of sleep make?