SAT Math Grid-Ins Practice Test 13

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Question 10 questions

Time 12 minutes

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1. If , then x =


In the figure above, a circle is inscribed in square WXYZ. If the area of the circle is 400π, what is the area of WXYZ ?

3. There were 320 students at a school assembly attended only by juniors and seniors. If there were 60 more juniors than seniors and if there were 30 more female juniors than male juniors, how many male juniors were at the assembly?

4. A rectangle of width 5 has a diagonal of length 13. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

5. Jeannette's average (arithmetic mean) score for six tests was 92. If the sum of the scores of two of her tests was 188, then what was her average score for the other four tests?

6. If Alexandra pays $56.65 for a table, and this amount includes a tax of 3% on the price of the table, what is the amount, in dollars, that she pays in tax? (Ignore the dollar sign when gridding your answer.)

7. Tiles numbered 1 through 25 are placed in a bag. If one tile is removed at random, what is the probability that the number on the tile is a prime number?

8. Alan and Ben each run at a constant rate of 7.5 miles per hour. Carla runs at a constant rate of 10 miles per hour. Debby runs at a constant rate of 12 miles per hour. In a relay race with these four runners as a team running one right after the other, Alan runs 0.3 miles, then Ben runs 0.3 miles, then Carla runs 0.5 miles, then Debby runs 0.24 miles. What is the team's average speed in miles per hour?

9. If the distance from (2, 6) to (1, b) is a, , and b < a, what is the value of b?

10. If –1 ≤ a ≤ 2 and –3 ≤ b ≤ 2, what is the greatest possible value of (a + b)(b – a) ?