SAT Math Grid-Ins Practice Test 15

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Question 10 questions

Time 12 minutes

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1. If + 22 = 38, x =

2. Set A contains all odd integers from 0 to 10 that are not prime. If y is a member of set A, what is one possible value of y ?


In the figure above, the two triangles have the same area. What is the value of t ?

4. If q is an integer between 50 and 70 and can be expressed as 7j + 3 where j is an integer, what is one possible value of q ?


In the figure above, if d is parallel to e, what is the value of y ?

6. Nine people in an investment club purchased $114 worth of stock x. Each of five people bought a share of stock x. Each of three people bought of a share. One person bought of a share. How much did a share of stock x cost?

7. If 4x · n2 = 4x+1 · n and x and n are both positive integers, what is the value of n ?

8. If and f(3a) = -7a, then what is the product of all possible real values of a ?


The graph above shows the foreign languages studied by 500 students during the 1996–1997 academic year. At the beginning of the 1997–1998 academic year, the number of students studying a foreign language increased by 20, and the same number of students studied Spanish, Latin, and German as did during the previous year. If the percentage of students who studied Japanese increased to 10% during the 1997–1998 academic year, how many students studied French that year? (Assume that no student studied more than one foreign language at a time.)


The 12-hour digital clock above shows one example of a time at which the sum of the digits representing the time is equal to 20. During a 12-hour period, starting at noon, for how many minutes would the sum of the digits displayed be greater than or equal to 20 ?