SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 108: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 108

20. To go on a certain amusement-park ride, you must be at least 50 inches tall, but not taller than 70 inches. Which of the following is an inequality that represents h, the height of people allowed to go on this ride?


Correct Answer: A


A. The expression means "the distance between x and a." In this case, you must be no more than 10 inches from a height of 60 inches. Another way to see that this is the right answer is to plug in 70 and 50 for h. Doing so eliminates all choices except for (A) and (E). Choice (E), however, gives you numbers on the "outside" of 50 and 70, but (A) gives you numbers on the "inside," so (A) is right.

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