SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 201: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 201

3. Which of the following is equal to x · (3x100)3?

A. 3x104
B. 27x104
C. 9x104
D. 3x301
E. 27x301

Correct Answer: E


E. PEMDAS (covered in Chapter 12) reminds you that you need to deal with exponents before multiplication, so you should concern yourself with the (3x100)3 first. Recall that exponents distribute inside of the parentheses, and that when you have an exponent raised to an exponent, you multiply them. Therefore, (3x100)3 = 33 · (x100)3 = 33x300 = 27x300. Now you can deal with the x. You know that x = x1, so x · x300 = x1x300 = x301. In the end, you have 27x301, Choice (E).

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