SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 352: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 352

22. In a garden that is divided into x rows of x squares each, w of the squares lie along the boundary of the garden. Which of the following is a possible value for w?

A. 29
B. 34
C. 40
D. 46
E. 55

Correct Answer: C


C The key is to find a pattern among the many possible solutions. Pick some values for x to see if you can see a pattern. For instance, if , then the garden looks like this:

In this case . But if x = 4, the garden looks like this:

And here, . You might notice that the value of w has increased by 4. Does this pattern continue? Let's try to check:

Sure enough, , and it seems that the pattern continues and w is always a multiple of 4. Only choice (C), 40, is a multiple of 4, so that must be the correct answer.

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