SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 422: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 422

5. If the product of x and y is 76, and x is twice the square of y, which of the following pairs of equations could be used to determine the values of x and y ?

A. xy = 76
x = 2y2
B. xy = 76
x = (2y)2
C. x + y = 76
x = 4y2
D. x + y = 76
x = 4y
E. xy = 76
x = 2y

Correct Answer: A


A Translate each statement, piece by piece. The first part tells us that " the product of x and y is 76." Since product means multiplication, then the first equation must be xy = 76, so you can eliminate answers C and D. The second part says that "x is twice the square of y," which translates to x = 2y2, so eliminate answers B and E, and A is the only answer left. Notice that only the y needs to be squared, which is why B is wrong. The second equation for B would be written as "the square of twice y," which is not what the problem stated.

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