SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 423: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 423


A coffee shop noticed that the outside temperature affected the number of customers who came to the shop that day, as shown in the table above. Which of the following graphs best represents the relationship between the outside temperature and the number of customers, as indicated by the table?


Correct Answer: A


A Try roughly plotting the data points, and then look at your graph. Find the answer that best fits your graph. Alternatively, notice that the number of customers increases as the temperature increases. The line of best fit will go up as you follow the graph from left to right, so eliminate B, D, and E. Notice that the number of customers does not increase by the same number for each 10-degree temperature increase. This is an exponential increase, not a linear increase. So, the graph will be curved. Eliminate C. Only A fits the data in the chart.

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