SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 453: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 453

15. For a given year, a mayor has $45,000 allotted to spend on the sanitation department, the police department, and the fire department. If of his money goes to the sanitation department, and of the remaining money goes to the police department, how much does the mayor have left for the fire department?

A. $36,000
B. $24,000
C. $21,000
D. $12,000
E. $6,000

Correct Answer: D


D Go through this problem one piece at a time. We know that of the $45,000 goes to the sanitation department. Remember that "of" in math questions means to multiply, so × 45,000 = $9,000. He now has (45,000 – 9,000) $36,000 left. He spends of that $36,000 remaining on the police department, which is ( × 36,000) = $24,000. He now has (36,000 – 24,000) $12,000 left to spend, so the answer is D.

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