SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 463: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 463

4. Six cups of flour are required to make a batch of cookies. How many cups of flour are required to make enough cookies to fill 12 cookie jars, if each cookie jar holds 1.5 batches?

A. 108
B. 90
C. 81
D. 78
E. 72

Correct Answer: A


A You need to take this question one step at a time. First, figure out how many batches there are in 12 jars of cookies. If one jar holds 1.5 batches, then 12 jars will hold 12 × 1.5, or 18 batches. Now you need to figure out how much flour is needed for 18 batches. If you need 6 cups of flour for 1 batch, then for 18 batches you will need 18 × 6, or 108 cups.

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