SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 471: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 471

12. If b equals 40% of a, then in terms of b, 40% of 4a is equal to which of the following?

C. b
D. 4b
E. 16b

Correct Answer: D


D If there are variables in the answer choices you should … plug in! First, cross out that phrase in terms of b, because you don't need it. Next, let's plug in a number for a. This is a percent question, so let a = 100. Because b is 40% of a, that means b = 40. If a = 100, then 4a = 400. Use your calculator to find 40% of 400, which is 160. That's your target answer. When b = 40, D gives you 160.

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