SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 478: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 478

19. Ray and Jane live 150 miles apart. Each drives toward the other's house along a straight road connecting the two, Ray at a constant rate of 30 miles per hour and Jane at a constant rate of 50 miles per hour. If Ray and Jane leave their houses at the same time, how many miles are they from Ray's house when they meet?

A. 40
B. 51
C. 56
D. 75
E. 93

Correct Answer: C


C For this question you need to know the distance formula: d = r × t. There are two good ways to solve this question. One is Plugging In The Answers. The question asks how far Ray and Jane will be from Ray's house when they meet. Start with C: If they are 56 miles away from Ray's house, and Ray traveled from home at 30 miles per hour, then you can figure out the time he traveled using the d = r × t formula (and your calculator): 56 = 30 × t, t = 1. In this case Ray has traveled for 1 hours. If Jane has traveled 93 miles and Ray has traveled 56 miles, then they have traveled a total of 150 miles when they meet. Bingo! You're done. An even easier way is to think about how fast Ray and Jane are traveling put together. You can simply add the rates. Together they are traveling at 80 miles per hour. Therefore you can figure out the time by setting 150 miles = 80 × t. The time is 1 hours. To find how far Ray has traveled, use the formula one last time: .

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