SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 508: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 508

7. Nails are sold in 8-ounce and 20-ounce boxes. If 50 boxes of nails were sold and the total weight of the nails sold was less than 600 ounces, what is the greatest possible number of 20-ounce boxes that could have been sold?

A. 34
B. 33
C. 25
D. 17
E. 16

Correct Answer: E


E This is a perfect question for PITA (Plugging In The Answers). The question asks for the greatest possible number of 20-ounce boxes. Start with C. If there are twenty-five 20-ounce boxes, then there are twenty-five 8-ounce boxes because a total of 50 boxes were purchased. In this case, the twenty-five 20-ounce boxes weigh 500 ounces, and the twenty-five 8-ounce boxes weigh 200 ounces; the total is 700 ounces. This is too big because the question says the total weight was less than 600. If C is too big, A and B must also be too big; eliminate all three. If you try D, the total weight is 604 ounces, which is still too big. So the answer must be E.

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