SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 524: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 524

2. Question below refers to the following table, which shows the amount of rain that fell during a 30-day period in 1998.

If 200 inches of rainfall were expected to fall during all of 1998, what percent of the expected yearly rainfall was reached during this 30-day period?

A. 56%
B. 42%
C. 28%
D. 14%
E. 7%

Correct Answer: D


D If you add up the amount of rainfall accounted for in the chart, you get the following figures:

5 days of 1 inch = 5 total inches of rain
3 days of 2 inches = 6 total inches of rain
3 days of 3 inches = 9 total inches of rain
2 days of 4 inches = 8 total inches of rain

for a grand total of 28 inches. If you expect 200 inches in a year, what percent of 200 is 28 inches? Translate this into algebra as , and you get x = 14%.

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