SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 530: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 530

8. If Marta is assigned to Project A, then the project will be completed on time. Which of the following can be concluded?

A. If Project A is completed on time, then Marta must have been assigned to Project A.
B. If Marta was assigned to Project B, then Project A will not be completed on time.
C. If Project A is not completed late, then no one other than Marta was assigned to Project A.
D. If Marta is not assigned to Project A, then Project A will be completed late.
E. If the project is completed one week late, then Marta was not assigned to Project A.

Correct Answer: E


E The statement tells you that Marta will get the project completed on time. You don't know if other people could get the project done on time. You cannot conclude A, B, C, or D because there could be other people that also get projects completed on time. Also, for B, Marta could be assigned to both Project B and Project A. You can conclude E: If the project is not on time, then Marta could not have been assigned to it because if Marta were assigned to it, the project would be on time.

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