SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 54: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 54

10. Which of the following equations would have a graph that passes through the point (-1, 4)?

A. y = x - 5
B. x + y = 5
C. -x + 3 = y
D. 2y - 3x = 5
E. y = x2 + 5

Correct Answer: C


C. Don't waste your time trying to draw graphs to solve this problem. If the graph of an equation passes through a point, then the coordinates of the point are a solution to the equation. So you need to plug in -1 for x and 4 for y in each of the equations given in the answer choices. Solve the equations. In the equation in Choice (C), the key is that -(-1) = 1, so the equation becomes 1 + 3 = 4, which is a correct equation.

Make sure you don't mix up the numbers. For example, if you carelessly put -1 in for y and 4 in for x in the equation y = x - 5 in Choice (A), you'd end up choosing Choice (A) as the correct answer — and you'd be wrong!

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