SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 553: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 553

10. For all x, let f(x) = (10 – x)2. If p = f(6), which of the following is equal to 4p ?

A. f(24)
B. f(18)
C. f(12)
D. f(8)
E. f(4)

Correct Answer: B


B Let's start by solving for p. You know that p = f(6), which means that it will be equal to (10 – 6)2, or 16. So 4p will be equal to 4(16), or 64. Now you simply have to figure out which choice gives you 64. p(18) will equal (10 – 18)2, which is 64. So, B is the answer.

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