SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 558: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 558

15. To ship boxes of books, Luis charges $4.95 per box plus a one-time service fee of $7.00 per order. If he receives an order for 12 boxes of books, how much will Luis charge?

A. $11.95
B. $23.95
C. $66.40
D. $84.00
E. $143.40

Correct Answer: C


C Take this word problem in bite-sized pieces. We want to find the total cost of the order of 12 boxes of books. First multiply the total number of boxes by the price of 1 box: 12 × $4.95 = $59.40. There is a $7.00 service fee for the order, so $59.40 + $7.00 = $66.40.

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