SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 559: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 559

16. If f (x) = , what is the smallest possible value of f (x) ?

A. There is no such value.
B. 0
D. 1
E. 2

Correct Answer: B


B On this question you can use Plugging In The Answers. The numbers in the answer choices replace the f(x) portion of the equation, so you can just write out the rest of it, , next to each to see if it can be true. Starting with C, if , then = 3x – 2, and x = . Since C works, eliminate A—we know it's not true. You can also eliminate D and E because we are looking for the smallest number that works for f(x). Now let's try B: If 0 = , then 0 = 3x – 2, and x = . is bigger than , so cross out C. B is correct.

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