SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 594: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 594

8. A local theater group sold tickets to a performance. The group sold 100 adult tickets and 50 child tickets. If the group made exactly $800 in ticket sales, which of the following pairs (a, c) could represent the price of an adult ticket, a, and the price of a child ticket, c ?

A. (9, 1)
B. (8, 2)
C. (7, 3)
D. (6, 4)
E. (5, 5)

Correct Answer: D


D This is a great question for PITA. The question gives the number of adult and child tickets sold, and we know the total price is $800. The answer choices list a price for each kind of ticket, so start with C and find a(100) + c(50): C gives 7(100) + 3(50) = 850, which is too big. It's hard to determine which direction will give a lower total cost. A and B turn out to be too big, but D is just right: 6(100) + 4(50) = $800.

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