SAT Math Multiple Choice Practice Question 595: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 595

9. Out of 10,000 computer chips, 38 are found to be defective. At this rate, how many chips would be defective out of a million?

A. 380
B. 3,800
C. 38,000
D. 380,000
E. 3,800,000

Correct Answer: B


B To solve this rate problem, set up two equivalent fractions: We know that 38 out of every 10,000 are defective and want to find how many defective chips there would be out of 1,000,000: . You could cross-multiply or see that 1,000,000 has two more zeros than 10,000, so n should have two more zeros after 38 to become 3,800, as in answer B.

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